Permanent Cosmetics & Tattoo Institute  Enrollment Program

What To Expect Within Our Program

EK Professionals' students are trained in a 6 month, 600-hour curriculum, in permanent cosmetics. The focus of training is to prepare students in successful completion for state examining of licensure and confidence inadequately servicing consumers in the permanent cosmetics industry. 

Program Information

Course Description
  • Level I Theory 
  • Level II Pre-Clinical Training 
  • Level III Clinical Training
  • Level IV Evaluation for State Exam
  • Level V State Exam

2021 Enrollment Sessions

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       June       1-7,  2021

      August    2-6,  2021

      October   4-8,  2021



600 Hours • 6 Months

Tuition: $8,500.00


Enrollment Application

Apprentice Package

Mail Body Art Application
please include

  • $50 Money Order to ADH

  • BBP certificate

  • Copy of photo ID

  • Two Passport Photos





Education For Success

Successful professionals in the cosmetic industry have technical skills, state examination of licensure, and business aptitude. After an education at EK Professionals Institute, you’ll be prepared to tackle the state board exams and beyond!

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Christi Hurst | EK Professionals Institute LLC

My daughter just graduated from this school and I could not be happier with the training she received. I know that she is more than prepared to move on into the industry on her own, but it is a blessing and comfort knowing that Ebony will be there for her in the future. I truly feel as if Ebony took Sydney in as a friend, not just a student, and really put the work into her that she needed to be prepared. Ebony I can not thank you and your husband for being there for Syd, teaching and training her, and caring for her. I give this program the highest marks!

Zelenka Herts Gibson |  EK Professionals Institute LLC

This was one of the best experiences I have had in many years. What made it so phenomenal was Ebony. Her product knowledge was excellent and her consultation skills were masterful. She is truly gifted in her craft and I can tell that she loves what she does. She has other gifts as well, the gift of perception, patience, genuine compassion, and a deep understanding of the human condition.  When you have personal qualities like that, your business will do nothing but thrive, and the blessings that she, or anyone else, bestows on one person carry forth to another.  I wish her nothing but success and her work speaks for itself.  She is a consummate professional, excellent at what she does, and a force to be reckoned with in terms of skill and execution of her gift.  The ambiance in her workspace is inviting and warm, and you walk out with her "signature" on your face. And for me, her "signature" was one of beauty, diligence, determination, compassion, appreciation, and love...what else would you want to be wearing?  Thank you Ebony for sharing your gift of service with the world and, more importantly, I feel honored to have been on the receiving end of your gifts!  I pray for continued blessings for you and your family and send well wishes that your business expands to levels you never dreamed possible!